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My husband and I have been together for 16 years now... wow, time flyes! We met in a mutual friend's barbaque Fiesta, on a Summer day with good wine, meat, charcoal and smoke. Up on a 10th flat floor's terrace, he conquered my brain from the very first second, and my heart fell after! Ever since, we've been together. We share our life, thoughts, feelings, hopes, good and bad moments, food... And I could not imagine life without him ♥

Here is a dish prepared with all my love and I didn't like the result oooohhhh! This things happens!!!: The foie heart broke, the mango didn't look like I wished and also the following things happened:

♥ It was the first time I did it.
♥ I was in a hurry.
♥ Didn't have the right kitchen tools.
♥ I didn't follow exactly the measures of the recipe.

However, since I quite like the picture and the recipe is from Iker Erauzkin (linked in the left side), a great cook and a great person, whom had the kindness to send me a couple of his recipes; here you have it:

Ingredients for 4 servings:500 grs. of Duck's liver, 20 cl. of Oporto wine, 20 cl. of Pedro Ximenez, 2 mangos, 5 grs. of sugar, some salt and some ground black pepper, 4 sandwich bread's slices, sea salt, some drops of balsamic caramel.

Leave the foie (duck's liver) outside the fridge for 1 hour. Clean it (take out the veins it could have) and place over a clean kitchen cloth and sprinkle the salt, pepper and sugar on it. Get the foie into the Thermomix with the oporto wine and the Pedro Ximenez Jerez and mix for 5 minutes at low speed. If the foie is too cold turn a bit the temperature so that it becomes a light mousse. If you don't have a thermomix (which is my case) mix it with a food processor. I had to use microwave to heat it for a second in order to get the texture.

Place the foie mousse in a kitchen tin and reserve in the fridge. I took it out of the fridge too early and this is why it broke and the texture doesn't look fine. I'll check the ones I keep in the fridge and see if the longer they stay the better they show.

Use a round metal tin to shape the bread and place the circumferences in the oven, which you have previously heated to 180 ºC. Toast it and reserve.

Cut a circumference of the mango too. I cuted in small pieces and assembled inside the metal tin, but in view of the result, try the first option better. Place the mango on top of the toasted bread and the foie that you reserved in the fridge over the mango, sprinkle the sea salt and use the balsamic caramel drops to decorate the plate.

The taste and mixture of flavours was amazing!!! Foie and Mango are explosive!!!! Thank you Iker for the recipe... I hope that the next time I do a better job.